Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Character Backgrounds

How I see Joseph Andress
I love knowing so much about characters, and I know my own characters the best! But, sometimes, I don't know what I know about the characters until A) someone asks me, or B) I push myself to write some background.

I did some character backgrounds during the Too Wyrd Book Release party on Facebook. It was a lot of fun, and I got to bring out some details that had been rattling around in my head - useless to the plot of the book, but fascinating, otherwise.

One of the characters who came out with something... surprising was that of Joseph. I had known that he wasn't really looking for someone to love, but I never really considered why until I was writing this character background.

The details are wrong for Hound Dog,
but the feel of this image is perfect.
Other character backgrounds that were wonderfully insightful were those of Hound Dog and Detective Ames.

It's always quite satisfying when writing something about a character, even something so simple and quick, can make the author cry.

That's right, I was crying.

Apparently, it made others tear up a bit, too.

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