Friday, June 24, 2016

Mother's Touch, Excerpt, Part 3

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The high, desperate cry of my mother grabbed at my spirit. I shivered at the touch of her voice but kept walking.
"LunaMae, you can't go!" she called down the street. "Don't do this to me!"
I kept walking, my worn sneakers padding silently on the broken concrete of the street. Our neighborhood didn't have many sidewalks.
I felt the presence of a car pulling up behind me and my heart sank. I ignored it, hoping the guy would leave me alone, or even just yell some obcene request while driving past.
"Hey, babe!"
It took a second for the voice to register as being familiar. I turned and smiled sadly at the dark-haired driver. "Hi, David." I glanced back at my mother, still yelling after me. "Gimme a ride?"
David smiled, showing his slightly crooked front tooth. "Of course." He waited until I settled into the worn seat of his towncar before pulling away. "You leaving home for good this time?"
I shrugged.
"You could stay with me," he offered.
I knew he would. I knew I should take the offer. We'd been dating for several years. I just couldn't get over how there was no music between us. It worried me.
"What other choice do you have?"
I sighed and refused to consider the alternatives. They marched through my mind anyways: go back to my mother, live on the streets, crash at Aunt Jan's or my cousin Carla's... and, of course, Grandpa Bear's.
I turned to look at him and offered him a smile. "I'll think about it, okay?"
His bronzed face darkened. I could see the lines around his mouth from working in the sun in his job as a construction foreman. "You still haven't answered my question, either. If I didn't know better, I'd say you didn't want to marry me."
He cranked the wheel into a turn and the car lurched. I grabbed the oh-shit handle and stared at the passing buildings. My emotions were numbed. I wasn't even concerned by the speed at which we flew down the roads.
We were headed to the highway towards downtown. My mother lived in an older suburb keeping the city proper between us and the rez like a lead vest against the radiation of our culture. David lived on the other side of the city. I couldn't tell if we were headed downtown, or for David's apartment, or for the reservation.
"It isn't that," I began, but his anger cut me off.
"Then explain it to me! Let me know what I did. Tell me if I'm just not good enough. But I deserve an explanation!"
I turned to look at David. My golden brown eyes met his stormy blue ones. My mouth opened to avoid the question. I started to answer the question. I closed my mouth, not sure what to say.
I blinked. I was looking into his eyes. He was looking at me.
My head whipped around to see the exit ramp, a huge concrete pylon coming towards us. The scene was streaked with my hair flying in front of my face. I realized horns were honking, and I screamed in perfect harmony with the screeching tires.

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